We completed the task of relocating the pumping system in the area of ​​one building. Fitting into the existing infrastructure as a temporary solution required not only the preparation of temporary foundations, but also the routing of pipelines between existing obstacles. After the works were completed and the installation was run, we were also carried out some extra work to verify the correctness of the equipment setting.

Problems and Challenges

Due to new investments in the plant’s heating plant, there was a need to relocate the existing circulation pumps. Changing the location of the pumps involved the preparation of assembly structures as well as the planning and construction of a new route of water pipelines. The relocation period coincided with the most difficult period for the heating sector, i.e. late December and early January. The investment required the assumption of a small margin of error.

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  • Vision of the area and planning of all logistic routes in the working plant
  • Execution of initial designs
  • Visualization of equipment location along with new pipeline routes using SolidWorks software
  • Execution of steel structures serving as a frame/foundation for the pump and engine
  • Preparation of the foundation together with the need to fill the existing unused cable channels with cement
  • Anchoring of steel structures
  • Disassembly of existing pumps and motors, including modification of fixings
  • Foundation of devices
  • Execution of pipeline connections
  • Vibration measurements