We are here to help you gain an advantage thanks to technology.

Our team is distinguished by over 20 years of experience in designing modern technological solutions for the industry. We have completed over 800 projects for both global companies and smaller enterprises.

We effectively support the work of many plants in Europe. Our solutions allow you to eliminate serious problems, increase work efficiency and the level of safety. We are constantly developing our capabilities, working with technological partners: companies Siemens and Energopomiar.

Find out how we can help you.

Projects and documentation

The Polstage has a team made of industry specialists, experienced engineers and designers. If you are planning or finishing an investment, need data analysis or preparation of documentation according to current standards, we are at your service.

We conduct projects  in the area of:

  • technology

  • industrial construction

  • electrical installations

  • I&C installations

  • process visualization

We prepare detailed documentation:

  • required to obtain appropriate investment permits
  • executive (in the following industries: construction, mechanical, electrical)
  • regarding the implementation of the investment
  • as-built and qualitative aspects of the completed investment
  • modernization or reconstruction of existing installations
  • for planned investments (ToR)

We develop projects in the area of ​​automation

We have our contribution in the dynamic development of automation in many industries. We cooperate with global technology partners such as Siemens and Atlas. Find out offer services in the field of automation:

  • Designs of electrical installations and automation and control systems with visualization
  • Completion, assembly and commissioning of electrical and I&C installations
  • Permanent services of built systems for individual users
  • Creating software for technological processes

Support of experienced experts

We are a team of experienced specialists: engineers, designers and technological experts. For years, we have been supporting our clients at all stages of the investment process. We help to develop the idea, analyze the possibilities and support in the implementation of the vision.

Consulting and supervision

Our specialists act as contract engineers in many significant industrial projects. We worked on such investments as: construction of unit 910 of the Jaworzno III Power Plant, construction of the ZAKSA energy blog or construction of a gas and steam unit at the Stalowa Wola Heat and Power Plant. Together with our partner, Energopomiar Gliwice, we participate in the transformation of the domestic industry, including the implementation of BAT conclusions.

Our offer includes full consulting and supervision in the following areas▪ mechanical and pressure devices:

  • mechanical and pressure devices
  • steel constructions
  • pipelines and fittings
  • electrical installations
  • control, automation and process visualization systems
  • manufacturing or arranging spare parts
  • execution or supervision over suppliers of equipment, structures and installations
  • assembly at the client’s site