Partnership in the construction of the Mining Plant and the Gravel Processing Plant in Bieńkowice, along with the function of the Contract Engineer.

Client need

The construction of the Gravel Extraction and Processing Plant is a project that requires experience in many fields. Experienced investor in the exploitation and trading of aggregates on the European market, needed:

  • a partner who can play the role of Contract Engineer
  • a supporting design office with experience on the Polish market.


Participation in this project was unusual not only because of the wide technical and organizational scope. The entire project required full  control of the projects in detail from our side and implement them, include the impact on the natural environment. The plant under construction has a border along the Natura 2000 Area “Forest near Tworków”. The environmental impact analysis was presented in the “Environmental Impact Report”  at the beginning of the investment process, so we started the implementation according to this Report and based on the Building Permit.

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  • As part of the construction of the Processing Plant, we proposed:
    • installations for extracting gravel from under the water surface,
    • gravel transport lines,
    • conversion installation,
    • gravel storage system.


The arrangement of individual nodes of the installation resulted not only from their place in the technological scheme, but also from the optimization of the use of the available space, taking into consideration the minimization of the impact on the environment.

What did we do as a part of the project?

As a company  we played a role of Project Engineer we are responsible for:

  • supervision over the completion of documents;
  • analysis and assistance in reconstructing documentation from various sources (a large part of devices was adapted from installations previously operating abroad);
  • acceptance of the developed construction and executive documentation;
  • preparation and supervision over documents for offices giving opinions or issuing consent for construction and commissioning,
  • advice on the selection of companies supplying new devices and assembly companies,
  • giving opinions on design and executive changes proposed during the implementation,
  • supervision over executive works and commissioning,
  • carrying out the acceptance procedure and admission to use.