We completed a comprehensive modernization of the heating system. As part of the project, we built a container gas boiler plant and prepared the existing coal-fired boiler plant to perform a function of power reserve with the circuit separated from the installation by a plate heat exchanger

Client need

Growing emission restrictions entail an increase in the demand for modernization of old boiler plants. All installations at the client’s site (including central heating installations) were from the 1970s. Our client faced the problem of diversifying fuels for central heating installations in a way that could meet the emission standards at the optimum cost of heat generation.


One of the challenges was to provide an optimal solution for the reconstruction of the existing boiler plant. The option was to either modernize the existing boiler room and fix a gas boiler in it, or rebuild the gas boiler room in a free-standing container. Each of the options has both advantages and disadvantages. The chosen solution had to be economically optimal. The existing boiler plant was not properly adapted to gas installations in terms of fire safety, that’s why the client decided to build a container boiler plant.

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  • Reduction of coal-fired boilers to two power reserve units
  • Modernization of the existing chimney by using acid-resistant steel insert
  • Construction of a container gas boiler room with automatic installations which allow you to remotely control the parameters
  • Modernization of the existing installation to optimally separate the circuit
  • Water, gas and electricity connections

What did we do as a part of the project

As part of the investment, we supervised a number of activities related to the installation and startup of a container gas boiler room.

In the beginning of the project one of the important elements  was the technical expertise of the state of fire protection performed by an authorized specialist and its opinion by the Provincial Fire Brigade Headquarters.

Next, we prepared a multi-discipline construction and executive design, which consider both the connection conditions and the necessary modernization works of the building. 

The projects included:

  • solutions providing safe and correct operation of the heating system,
  • water treatment system,
  • gas detection system cooperating with a quick-closing valve,
  • water pressure stabilization and an automatic regulation system with weather-based temperature control and the possibility of integration with the “Remote Boiler House Monitoring System”.

These activities required a significant number of technical arrangements and legal permits. Our task as part of the project was also to obtain approvals for the implementation of the investment. The documentation included the first plans, preparation and submission of a complete application for a building permit to the architectural and construction administration authority and its formal completion.

After obtaining permits for physical operation as part of the investment, we adapted the existing installation to set on new circuit. We also prepared the ground for the foundation of the container.

In the meantime, works related to the modernization of the existing chimney were already underway. This part consisted in installing a stainless steel chimney liner. We started making water, gas and electric connections right after pre-prepared activities and placing the container in the right place.

The scope of our work also included:

  • Execution of internal gas installation, electrical installation, water and sewage system;
  • Exhaust gas and condensate discharge with their neutralization;
  • Installation of electricity and water sub-meters;
  • Construction works – wall repairs and painting of the room after wall punctures and disassembly of previous installations;
  • Carrying out start-up trials and tests;
  • Obtaining a chimney sweep opinion.
  • Staff training in the operation and maintenance of the installation.